The Best Plants For Autumn

Posted on October 8, 2018 by Devon Metcalfe

Autumn is the perfect time of year to switch things up in your garden. Your delicate summer favourites might not stand the testing autumn weather, but there are plenty of wonderful plants that thrive during this season. Here are our top 8 best plants for autumn:


  1. Autumn Crocus

Crocuses are some of most popular autumn bulbs because of how well they grow in the changing autumn weather conditions. They flower in September and October and have beautiful double petals of pink and purple. Though they are great for growing in the cold weather but can be spoiled by rain – so plant them beneath trees or amongst shrubs to protect them.


  1. Crab Apple

Crab apples look wonderful autumn, as well as tasting delicious! Their leaves provide typical autumn colours we all want to see in our gardens, with orange/yellow tones. Pick them in their October prime for the best taste.


red and green autumn apples 

  1. Virginia Creeper

The Virginia creeper is more hardy than other varieties, making them more suited to autumn. They work well for adding a splash of colour to even the smallest of gardens and can grow on a north-facing wall. Its leaves turn a delicate coral colour in autumn.


  1. Dahlia

These bright plants start to bloom in summer and last all the way into autumn. They’re an exotic addition to any garden and come in a range of shapes and sizes. Dahlia will continue to flower until the first frosts if looked after well with regular deadheading and plant food.


  1. Begonia

Perhaps one of the most beautiful autumn flowers out there, begonia are the perfect addition to your winter garden. They add a gorgeous rich colour to any outdoor space, and the flowers last an incredibly long period of time; ideal for the lazy gardener. Begonia are also great for hanging baskets or as window box displays.


  1. Snowdrop

Classic winter snowdrops are always a firm favourite for autumn gardens. There are many different species and varieties to choose from, so you can personalise it to your garden colour scheme. These honey-scented beauties give plenty of flowers from just one bulb, making them an extremely cost effective way of decorating your garden.


snowdrop flowers in garden

  1. Winter Salads

Who said salads are just for winter? Autumn can be the perfect time to sow crunchy salad leaves such as lambs lettuce, cress and mustard. As long as you keep them under cover, they can grow perfectly fine during the winter. If you’re concerned about the rain or frost, them simply move them into a greenhouse for the best salad leaves even throughout the winter.


  1. Nerine

Nerine are also another popular choice for keen autumn gardeners. The bold cerise pink provides a start contrast to the other orange, yellow and brown tones in the garden. These bulbs last a long time, and their foliage remains intact in the coldest months.


Which Autumnal Flowers Will You Choose?

Autumn coming around defines the end of summer, but that shouldn’t mean your garden has to suffer. There are an abundance of wonderful flowers that bloom excellently during the autumnal and winter months. Try our recommendations of the best plants for autumn to keep your garden thriving this season.

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