Weave Garden Furniture

Lightweight and easy to maintain, the full range of Desser & Co rattan weave garden furniture comes in a range of visually stunning styles and design choices. From a full-size dining set all the way to smaller modular options, there is a range that suits both your style and the size of your outdoor space. Making our weave pieces a perfect fit no matter if you have a garden, patio or balcony.

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The benefit of weave comes in its breathable material, with constant air circulation ensuring there is maximum water drainage at all times. Impressively, even after heavy rainfall, our range of luxury patio furniture can be dry in 30 minutes. This also means that our rattan weave garden furniture is easy to clean without the fear that the water will warp or otherwise damage your new outdoor furniture.

Browse the full range of rattan weave garden furniture sets below to find a set that will complement your space perfectly. All of our pieces can also be added to with a range of stylish accessories, designed to suit your needs and made to add a final flourish to the ambience of your garden.