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How To Protect Your Garden Furniture Over Winter

Posted on January 3, 2020 by Hana Orford

The first chill of autumn sends us scurrying for the warm sanctuary of home. Abandoning your garden furniture to its fate and hoping for the best, is not the best plan to get it through the many winter storms we have in the UK. But just how do you protect your garden furniture so that come spring, it is ready for action?

Tip #1 Remove the cushions

From garden sofas to dining chairs and benches, most garden furniture these days comes with removable cushions. To prevent damp and mildew, it’s best to remove these and store them in a dry place.

If your garden shed is dry and sheltered, pop them in a plastic bag – make sure they are dry and clean – and seal to stop insects and rodents finding their way in. If not, a garden box that seals tightly against the rain will work just as well. Inexpensive, these plastic garden boxes and cupboards can also be locked. You’ll find them at garden centres, online and high street DIY stores. Invest in a sturdy one and on top of that, you have extra seating in the garden too.

If you’re lucky enough to have an upholstered garden set such as our Melbourne, you have made an excellent choice not just in terms of style but in the fabric used too. Completely waterproof, they don’t even need storing away.

With the use of Sunbrella fabric, it’s the most innovative in the garden furniture market, nothing can stain or dampen the fabric that will last you a lifetime. They will look as brand new as the day you bought them with just one power wash, no matter how long they stayed unprotected outside.

Tip #2 Buy a protective, waterproof garden furniture cover

Rattan is a robust material and can withstand most weathers. But there is one thing that it hates – the cold. And when we have a harsh winter with frost and ice, the rattan of your garden sofa or dining set is under pressure.

A waterproof protective cover for your lounge or garden dining set will protect it from the adverse weather. When temperatures take a tumble to near freezing, this means no ice or frost will be able to damage it.

As well as being good for winter, a protective cover is great for spring too as it can help to minimise the debris and cobwebs. You will also find that the life of the metal parts of the furniture is protected too, minimising unsightly rust.

Again, if you’re lucky enough to get our upholstered outdoor range, all covers are included.

Tip #3 Invest in the highest quality garden furniture

If you want your furniture to last a long time, then it’s best to buy the highest quality.

People are often tempted by the cheap sets on the high street, but a low price often means low quality in terms of design, material and build too.

Thin cushions mean that they can be uncomfortable, and the furniture just doesn’t stand up to long term use nor the winter weather.

When buying rattan style furniture, the cheap options will be made up of a single, flat weave – this won’t last long and will often feel flimsy and light. Long-lasting rattan furniture like the sofas and dining sets you’ll find at Desser are made up of a double wicker weave. More stylish with more weight and overall quality, you’ll find that no matter what it’s put through, your garden furniture will look and feel fabulous!

We also manufacture all our outdoor cushions in house in Manchester making our outdoor offering unique and not all imported from Asia like the rest of the market. This means the cushions will me more comfortable and last a lot longer, so you’re not embarrassed when someone comes to visit and uses that saggy cushion that once looked and felt so great.

We even give you a no-quibble guarantee, we are so confident in our rattan garden furniture so why not check out some of our table sets? Or maybe an outdoor lounge set is more your thing?

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