How To Create The Perfect Winter Garden

Posted on October 1, 2018 by Devon Metcalfe

Winter is the perfect time to start thinking about tidying up your garden and preparing it for spring. You’ll be spending the least amount of time outdoors as the winter chill starts to kick in, so it’s a great opportunity to get everything sorted. Here are our top tips on how to create the perfect winter garden:


Prepare Your Plants

There are only a few plants that are able to withstand the harsh weather conditions that winter brings. Therefore, it’s wise to relocate them to a safer environment. Many flowers and vegetables will be absolutely fine in the shelter of a greenhouse. You can continue to grow several varieties of fruit and vegetables throughout the winter when they’re protected. If you’re unable to move your plants, then cover them with a protective sheet. This will save them being damaged by the frost.


Cosy Fire Pits

Creating the perfect winter garden isn’t all about clearing everything away. Sometimes family and friends come over and you still want to be able to enjoy your outdoor space. That’s where a wonderfully cosy fire pit comes in. You can install a purpose-built pit or simply buy a freestanding wood burner. The heat can be enough to keep everyone warm, even when it’s chilly outside.


When It Comes To Your Furniture

If you’re still wanting to spend time in your garden in winter, particularly if you’ve got a fire pit, then putting furniture away may not be your number one priority. However, when it gets too cold for you to bare, it’s time to think about protecting your outdoor furniture. Though you may be confident because you have all-weather furniture, it’s still advisable that you cover it with a plastic sheet to keep it in prime condition. If your furniture can’t be kept outdoors, then move it into your shed (where possible). If not, then try to bring it indoors.


Storing Equipment

If you’re a keen gardener, then you may have a lot of gardening equipment that’s at risk of being damaged during the winter. To keep everything together, get a tool belt or kit box for the smaller pieces of equipment. This will prevent you from losing anything or leaving it left behind in the frost, which may cause it to rust. For larger equipment such as a lawnmower or strimmer, fit it into your shed where applicable. For extra protection you can always cover it with a plastic sheet.


What Steps Will You Take?

What things will you be doing to make the most of the garden for as long as you can before preparing it for winter? Creating the perfect winter garden is all about getting it as neat and tidy as possible for it to be revisited in the spring.

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