How To Care For Your Outdoor Furniture

Posted on October 15, 2018 by Devon Metcalfe

Having furniture in your garden can bring a whole new meaning to your outdoor space. It can encourage you to spend more time outdoors and alter your gardens purpose entirely. However, if you don’t look after it, it can cause you to need to replace it more often than necessary. With excellent care your outdoor furniture can last years. Here’s our ultimate guide on outdoor furniture care:


Keeping It Clean

The most important part of furniture care is keeping it clean. Wicker furniture is woven, so there are plenty of nooks and crannies that can accumulate dirt. So, how do you go about cleaning it?

  1. Most dirt can be easily wiped away. Get a soft cloth and dip it into warm soapy water before gently wiping down the furniture.
  2. Avoid any rough scourers which could scratch the surface. Instead, for any harsher stains use a non-corrosive strain remover detergent.
  3. Let the furniture air-dry for the best results.


Protecting It From The Weather

Spring And Summer

In spring you’ll just be starting to uncover your furniture from winter. Bring it back by giving it a good hosing down to get rid of any dirty build-up from the colder months.

During the summer your outdoor furniture will get used the most, so you may see some general wear and tear occur. Keep on top of this with weekly maintenance which includes wiping it down and also giving the cushions a wash every so often.


 Autumn And Winter

Autumn weather is unpredictable, though there are still some sunny days left to be had, it’s a good idea to start preparing your furniture for winter. Keep a waterproof covering sheet handy should the weather start to take a turn.

As it moves into winter; you may not have to store your furniture indoors if it’s called as “all-weather”. Instead, just bring the cushions indoors and cover the sofa completely. Even if it is suitable for all weather conditions, there’s no harm in a little extra protection. This could be the only option if you’re limited on storage space.

Storage In Winter

Keeping your furniture under shelter is the prime way to make sure it’s kept in top condition. If you have a garden shed, then that’s the best home for your outdoor furniture during winter. To keep away the webs and creepy crawlies, cover it with a sheet. Some people also like to store their outdoor furniture in their conservatory, which is a great idea as it gives you more seating options while providing a safe storage space.


Furniture Care Is Important

Most of us love the idea of alfresco dining but don’t consider the care that needs to be put into looking after the dining area. But outdoor furniture care doesn’t have to be a chore. With regular upkeep you can ensure your furniture is in the best condition all year round.

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