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How An Augmented Reality App Can Give You Garden Design Tips

Posted on March 18, 2019 by Devon Metcalfe

We’ve seen technology come along in leaps and bounds in the past decade alone. The introduction of augmented reality, in particular, is an interesting development that’s already changing the way we see the world. It may seem like a bizarre pairing, but augmented reality is set to transform garden design. How? Read on to find out more…


How Augmented Reality Can Give You Garden Design Tips

This new app will can essentially give users an idea of how a plant will look in their garden before they purchase it. Not only will it change the way that we design our gardens in everyday life, but it can also work on a grand scale for professional gardeners.

The app works with a sensory device which will enable it to gain more information about your garden. It syncs with the app when placed into the soil, giving the user details about that exact spot in the garden. Sunlight exposure, pH balance and soil moisture are just some of the elements that the sensor can pick up.

Bright flowers in garden

Helping Novice Gardiners As Well As Industry Experts

One of the best features on the app is that it can help give garden design tips by suggesting plants that will thrive in certain areas of your garden. Furthermore, a coloured pin can be dropped around your garden to indicate areas that may need improving, for example if the soil is too damp or the area doesn’t receive enough sunlight.

It works on a colour coordinated system, so the darker the colour of the pin, the more urgent the issue is.  Not only can this assist novice gardeners but it can be particularly helpful for landscape designers and other industry professionals.


Visualising Your Garden

Previously, planning a garden was predominately based on drawings to see where everything will go. On the app, you can use your phone camera to pan across the garden. Suggestions will then pop up and hover over the screen so you can visualise the plants in that area. On larger scale projects, designers will be able to plan in a more visual way than ever before. Public gardens, manor houses and flower shows will all benefit from this technology as designers can see the gardens come to life before they even begin planting.


Landscaped gardens in the summer

How Much Will The Technology Cost?

As of yet, the technology isn’t available for immediate use. There’s also been no release date given. However, the company are confident it will be available to purchase by the end of 2019. It’s predicated that the sensor will cost no more than $100 while the app providing garden design tips will be accessible on a subscription basis for around $5 per month.


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