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Easy Allotment Ideas for Beginners

Posted on May 27, 2019 by Devon Metcalfe

Growing your own plants, fruits and vegetables is always a greatly satisfying activity, especially when you can enjoy your produce at the kitchen table. Having an allotment is an ideal way to do this if you’re short on space in your garden. It’s also an incredibly sociable activity, which is why many communities are so passionate about keeping allotments alive.

If you’ve always loved the idea of nurturing your own allotment but aren’t too sure of the ins and outs, then take a look at our easy allotment ideas.


The Trick to a Great Allotment? Get Planning

Once you’ve secured your allotment space, you’ll have many different ideas running through your mind as to what to do with it. However, before you get ahead of yourself, you should take some time to plan your allotment patch. Grab a pen and paper and start plotting out how you envision your allotment to look, including what you’re going to plant and where it’s going to go.


Birdseye view of lots of allotments

Ensure You’ve Got a Pathway

During the planning phase, ensure you remember one crucial aspect – a pathway! Many new allotment plot owners forget about how they’re going to move around the space without stepping on any plants. Your path can be as simple as some planks of wood or even paving slabs.


Try Companion Planting

Companion planting is key to making the most of you space and is one of the most recommended easy allotment ideas. You can ensure the quality of your produce when you plant in a certain way, creating a thriving growing space for plants that grow well next to one another. For example, growing plants of the same family close together can increase competition for soil nutrients. Onions, leeks and chives should all be growing separately.  


Onion pulled from allotment

Buy Perennials

Perennials are ideal for allotment beginners. From tomatoes and strawberries to garlic and basil, such plants are always a winner when it comes to easy allotment ideas. By starting off small, you’ll also be able to then gradually scale up your allotment rather than taking on too much work at once. Be sure to improve the quality of soil for perennials by adding compost or well-rotted manure before planting.


Plant Herbs

Not only are herbs a delicious addition to your meals, but they can also help to repel insects at your allotment. With their strongly scented leaves, they’re a natural pesticide that won’t harm the rest of your plants. Moreover, herbs can even improve the flavour of other plants too, for example, the perfect pairing of tomatoes and basil.


Allotment garden with greenhouse for easy allotment ideas

Which Easy Allotment Ideas Will You Try?

There are plenty of ways you can gradually introduce yourself into the wonderful world of growing plants in an allotment. The most important part is to plan your allotment so that you’ve got room to grow everything you want!

Finish your space with a wonderful rattan chair to relax in while you enjoy watching your plants grow. For more information, simply get in touch with a member of our friendly team.

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