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Best Outdoor Hanging Plants For Full Sun

Posted on June 24, 2019 by Devon Metcalfe

Hanging baskets can add a colourful touch to any front porch or garden spot where it may otherwise look a little lacklustre. Selecting the right plants for the job can be tricky, as you want to ensure they keep their colour and shape all season long. It also greatly depends on where you’ll be placing your hanging basket, for example, will it be shady or sunny spot? To make sure you pick the best plants, follow this guide for the best outdoor hanging plants for full sun:


Best Outdoor Hanging Plants For Full Sun



Petunias and Million Bells

Petunias and Million Bells grow brilliantly in full sun, blooming far more than if kept in partial sun. It’s crucial that you don’t let them dry out, which can be difficult when it comes to hanging baskets. So, regularly water them in the summer, even up to two times a day if you can. Fertilise them every two to three weeks.  


Dragon Wing Begonia

These flowers grow continuously all season long, so your hanging baskets will never be left looking sparse or bare. They’re easy to grow and hardy, working well in containers and hanging baskets. Dragon Wing Begonia are regarded as the best outdoor hanging plants for full sun as they will still grow in spring through frost.



If you’re looking for flowers that are going to be visible from down the street, then Bougainvillea are ideal. Ranging from pinks and purples to red, these flowers make an eye-catching display when draped over a hanging basket. They can grow 10-20 feet in a single season and are drought-tolerant, making them extremely durable.

Bougainvillea in foreground with pink flowers


Unlike other traditional varieties, Sunpatiens thrive in hot and sunny conditions. Though they won’t necessarily trail over your hanging basket, they provide high impact blooms from spring until winter. They’re great when mixed in with other trailing plants to create levels within the basket, making them one of the best outdoor hanging plants for full sun.


Black Eye Susan Vine

It’s hard to imagine a vine flourishing in a hanging basket, but the Black Eye Susan vine is one of the best outdoor hanging plants for full sun. With its luscious greenery and yellow flowers, this’ll climb the chains of your hanging basket for a varied look that contrasts your trailing plants.



Portulaca comes in many bright colours and is perfect for full sun areas. They’re naturally great at tolerating heat, so even if your garden gets the sun all day, they won’t dry out or die. Portulaca are ideal for those who may not have much time to tend to their garden in spring and summer.

Pink, Yellow and White Portulaca


The unique cluster of flowers produced by the Lantana plant creates a stunning display when used in a hanging basket. This tropical flower will stay in bloom all season, attracting butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden with its beautiful scent. Choose a small weeping variety for hanging baskets like the yellow and white Patriot Popcorn or the yellow, pink, and orange Patriot Rainbow.


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