What To Do In Terms Of Gardening During Winter

Posted on December 17, 2018 by Devon Metcalfe

It may seem pointless to discuss gardening during winter, but there are in fact a number of tasks you can do when the weather turns colder. If you begin prepping your garden before snow and frost, it will be in much better condition come spring time.

Have A Big Clean Up

Clear your garden of all the debris caused by the autumnal weather, as well as any other untidiness. This means raking the leaves, carefully packing away gardening equipment and having a general clear out. This will leave you with a blank canvas in spring.

Re-home Your Plants

One of the most important aspects of gardening during winter is to look after your plants. Many plants won’t be able to cope with the harsh weather conditions and may rot. Cut back stems on perennials and try to move any more delicate flowers inside. If you have a greenhouse, then this is ideal. If not, you may have to temporarily re-home them in your conservatory or another room in the house. For those that just need some extra protection, cover them in a thick layer of mulch. When it comes to trees, cover the trunk in a plastic cover and hold it in place with some cable ties.

Pack Away Your Furniture

You’ll want to ensure your beautiful outdoor furniture is in top condition to make use of it the following year. Pack it away in a shed, covering it with a plastic sheet for extra protection. If you don’t have a shed, then why not move it indoors for additional furniture at Christmas time when you have the family over? For those who don’t have the room, you can leave the furniture outdoors. However, you should make sure it’s covered from top to bottom with a plastic sheet, securing it down with some weighted stones.

furniture set outside in garden

Be Attentive To The Wildlife

Don’t neglect any wildlife that might make its way into your garden this winter. Winter is the time of year where they need your help the most! Leave some water outside, and regularly change the contents of your bird feeder so they’ve always got access to fresh food and water. This should be considered a compulsory step when gardening during winter.


Securing Structures When Gardening During Winter

It may be a little windy over winter. Don’t take the risk of anything blowing away! Secure in place any loose structures that could be damaged. This may include fences, statues, walls and posts. Taking such precautionary methods may seem a little extreme, but with the weather being so unpredictable it’s best to stay on the side of caution.

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