Trendy Garden Plants For The New Year

Posted on January 7, 2019 by Devon Metcalfe

Though it’s a little early to start digging up the garden just yet, there’s no harm in thinking about what you’d like to plant this year once the winter is over. Each year we see a flurry of ‘trendy’ plants that can add some much needed style to a garden. With this in mind, here’s a look at some trendy garden plants for the new year that you might want to try:

Red-Hot Pokers

Famed for their fiery orange and red flowers, red-hot pokers live up to their name. If you’re looking to have more colour in your garden this year, then these plants are the perfect place to start. Though they do come in a striking red colour, there are also more subtle shades such as yellow and delicate orange to choose from.

New Zealand Flax

Along the same lines as red-hot pokers, new Zealand flax also have an orange/red tint. They’re a great addition of texture to the garden if you’re concerned that your garden is looking somewhat one-dimensional. These long, feathery leaves span far and wide for a show-stopping piece in your garden.


For those who like their trendy garden plants to be prim and proper, Aeonium is a geometric succulent plant. This low maintenance plants are ideal for the lazy gardener, even better if you want to grow more plants indoors.

A selection of succulent plants in the garden


Sedum is one of the best trendy garden plants for the new year as it grows well in most types of soil. It’s interesting foliage and lost lasting flowers makes it appealing to those who want a more durable yet attractive plant. They’re available in a variety of colours, choose from pale pink, maroon or dark pink to best suit your garden design.

Aloe Vera

Another popular low maintenance plant, Aloe Vera never seems to fall out of style. Known also for it’s healing capabilities for burns, Aloe Vera can be grown indoors or outdoors (preferably in a greenhouse). The plant can grow surprisingly big, a worthy investment if you want to see it reach its full potential.

aloe vera plant in white pot

Swiss Cheese Plant

This beautiful robust plant is a stylish addition to any garden this year. The split leaf design is ideal for creating a layered textured look in your garden. The large bright green leaves also look wonderful in conservatories. Not only this, other varieties also include white and yellow markings for a splash of colour.

Sabal Minor

Sabal Minors offer lashings of green in a centrepiece worthy plant. The sword-like leaves can span as much as 4 feet wide, perfect for those with plenty of garden space. These impressive looking plants grow equally well in shade or sunlight, in many different kinds of soil. Some even feature tiny white flowers that grow into black fruit.

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