The Benefits Of Gardening For Your Health

Posted on October 22, 2018 by Devon Metcalfe

Why do people garden? Perhaps it’s because they feel pressured to make their gardens look attractive and tidy, or maybe it’s simply because they love to do it. Whatever their reasons, gardening can have tremendous heath benefits that many people are completely unaware of. Here are 5 benefits of gardening and how they can have a positive impact on your health:


Helps With Stress-Relief

Being outdoors amongst nature can be a relaxing experience for many. In the same way that taking a stroll outside can decrease anxiety, gardening can be a way to tackle stress. In fact, most people find it an effective form of stress-relief. The clean air combined with the focused act of gardening can help to take your mind away from your demanding working day. It gives you a chance to switch off and concentrate on other things aside from your busy work schedule.


Sense of Achievement

Gardening can bring about a marvellous sense of achievement. Watching something you’ve nurtured from the beginning blossom into something beautiful can be a satisfying experience. This is particularly relevant to when you grow your own fruit and vegetables. Not only do you have the opportunity to watch it grow, but you can then enjoy your efforts by using it in your home cooking.

homegrown tomatoes


It Can Improve Mental Health

It’s known that gardening can help to improve your mental health for a number of reasons. Firstly, being surrounded by flowers can boost one’s mood, making you happier and relaxed. Additionally, it can give someone’s life more meaning. Though this may sound profound, the maintenance of a garden can give many people a purpose, leaving them feeling inspired.


Good Form Of Physical Exercise

When you’re gardening, you’re working nearly all of your muscles without realising it. It also means you’re burning calories and depending on the level of gardening you do – can equate to some time spent in the gym! Heavy gardening can be as exhaustive as lifting weights. This is beneficial to some older citizens who may not get any other form of physical exercise.

gardening soil and tools

It Encourages A Social Life

Gardening doesn’t have to a solo activity for it to be relaxing and enjoyable. Joining a gardening club or having a space at an allotment can do wonders for your social life. If you find that you don’t get many opportunities to interact with others, then gardening is an excellent way of meeting new people and building relationships.


The Benefits Of Gardening In The Long Term

Making gardening a part of your lifestyle can be greatly beneficial to your health. You will feel less stressed, more motivated, and if you grow your own fruit and vegetables – you may find you’re eating better too!

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