Preparing For Garden Bonfires And Fireworks Season

Posted on November 5, 2018 by Devon Metcalfe

This time of year see’s a lot of people hosting garden parties, including those for bonfire night and New Year’s Eve fireworks. It’s an exciting time of year spent celebrating with family and friends, but there’s a lot to do when it comes to preparing for garden bonfires and fireworks season. Here are our top tips for a safe and fun experience:


Start The Clean Up Operation

You need to clean up your garden for two reasons:

Firstly, if you’re planning on having your own fire pits, you’ll need fuel! Collect all the fallen leaves and debris that autumn has brought and rake it all into one big pile. You can use this as kindling when it comes to your bonfire. You can also use this for starting your fire pit when you’ve got family and friends around, gathered in the garden on your comfortable outdoor furniture while you keep the chill away!

Secondly, you need to clear enough space if you’re planning on holding a bonfire or fireworks display. Making the space as safe as possible means you’ve got a clearing that’s big enough for everyone to fit, with room to enjoy the display.


How To Prevent Fires From Damaging Your Garden

Ensure that you start your fire away from any sheds, outdoor buildings and fences. In an ideal scenario, there would be 10m space between your bonfire and its surroundings. In small gardens, to keep it more controlled you could use a fire basket which will help to ensure it’s contained. If you’re starting your fire on a grassy patch, be aware that it may take some months for it to get back to normal. You can hurry along the process with some fertiliser.


Protecting The Wildlife

For many, there is a concern surrounding the welfare of wildlife during garden bonfires and fireworks season. It’s important to inspect your bonfire wood and kindling before setting it alight as many animals like to use it as a home for hibernation during the winter. In addition, you should ensure that any pets are kept away from the fire, and away from fireworks as it can be stressful for the animals.


Getting Decorative

Last but not least – decorate the space! Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you won’t be spending plenty of time out in your garden. Lights are a fantastic way to bring your garden to life. Wrap some outdoor lights around trees or trail them along your fence for a magical winter wonderland effect. You could also set up a seating space surrounded by colourful plants, or even create a floral wall to become a talking point amongst your guests.


Stay Safe In Garden Bonfires And Fireworks Season

This season brings another excuse to spend some time outdoors in your garden despite the cold weather. So, get your outdoor fire pits started and prepare your fireworks and bonfires for a season of excitement!


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