Conservatory Decor Ideas To Create A Winter Wonderland

Posted on November 19, 2018 by Devon Metcalfe

Winter doesn’t have to mean dark and gloomy, with the right decorations you can transform your home into an inviting winter wonderland – starting with your conservatory. During the summer, your conservatory is often the hub of the home, but unfortunately when winter comes around it can become a little neglected and forgotten. To breathe some light back into the space, take a look at our conservatory decor ideas for winter:


Decide On Your Colour Palette

Your colour palette will be the most important thing when it comes to giving your conservatory a winter makeover. Though white is a popular choice, and very much fitting in with the theme, there’s a risk it can make the space seem more sparse and cold. Therefore, it’s best to choose a few key tones that are delicate yet warming, such as grey, pink, brown and beige. You are then free to build upon this with accessories and Christmas decorations, silver and gold work particularly well.

close up of Christmas lights


Warm And Cosy Textures

The purpose of creating a winter wonderland is to make the room feel more cosy and welcoming during the colder months. Experimenting with colours and textures is an excellent way to achieve the perfect look. Start by adding some warmth to the potentially colder areas. Invest in a large fluffy rug for the floor, so it stays warm underfoot all season. You can also colour coordinate this with a large knit throw, perfect for flinging over your conservatory furniture before curling up with a good book. To add more layers you can also pile on the cushions!


DIY Crafts

Try some DIY crafts to finish decorating the room – great fun for all the family. Whether it’s cutting out your own Christmas tree bunting or designing your very own stockings to hang above the fireplace. Homemade touches are the perfect conservatory decor ideas to bring your winter wonderland together.

Christmas conservatory decor ideas on wooden table

Magical Lighting

Creating a winter wonderland wouldn’t be possible without the addition of some magical lighting. Choose lights with a yellow undertone to create a warming, cosy vibe. Moreover, why not have your Christmas tree set up in your conservatory to complete the look? Keeping a real tree in the room will also add to the ambience, giving a wonderful woodland scent whenever you walk in.


Flowers And Plants

You may already have your Christmas tree in your conservatory, but you can also continue the theme with some more plants. Many garden centres have glittered flowers and greenery that look wonderful in the home. Furthermore, naturally white or red plants also work well in the room, for example poinsettia or paperwhites.


rose in front of winter lights


No matter what your conservatory decor ideas are this winter, be sure to start the right way with some comfortable wicker furniture. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us via our simple contact form or call on 0161 834 1795.

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