Autumn Garden Activities For The Family

Posted on October 29, 2018 by Devon Metcalfe

Autumn is the perfect chance to get all the family involved in fun garden activities. The leaves are beautiful, the wildlife is abundant – and there are tasty treats to be had! So, get out into the garden and make a start with these exciting garden activities just in time for autumn:


Fun With Autumn Leaves

The magic of autumn is largely due to the fantastic autumnal colours of the leaves. You’ll find burnt oranges, deep reds and maroons aplenty in your garden, particularly if you’ve got a few trees close by. You can help with the leaf clean up operation by using them for fun activities first! Get your garden table ready to be a leaf art station. Gather a few of the biggest leaves and have a go at leaf prints with the kids. All you need is some paint and paper. You could also try leaf rubbings; similar to tracing this involves covering the lead and colouring gently across the leaf with a crayon. Leaving you with a wonderful print of the leaf.


Apple Picking

If you’ve got apple trees in your garden, now is the perfect time to pick them before they fall and are spoiled. You can use these apples to make delicious treats; including toffee apples. If you find you’ve got more apples than you could possibly eat; why not offer them to your friends and neighbours? This means they won’t go to waste.


red and green autumn apples for picking


Getting The Garden Ready For Winter

Turn what may be a bit of a chore into fun garden activities. Get a (child friendly) rake and rid your garden of leaves and other unwanted garden waste on the lawn. Then focus on protecting your plants for winter. If they’re delicate plants then this may involve moving them into the greenhouse or indoors. However, for other plants you simply need to cover them with an insulating sheet or mulch. You can all muck in and get to covering them in time for the cold weather.

Look After The Wildlife

As autumn gets truly underway, you’ll experience a flurry of new wildlife in your garden. Keep them safe and happy this autumn. For the birds, create your own bird feed mix made from all the food they need to keep them going. You can also keep an eye out for hedgehogs by making a special hedgehog home for them. Gather leaves, sticks and wood to create a home for them to hibernate.

hedgehog in autumn leaves

Pumpkin Carving

You may have grown your own pumpkins which is fantastic, if not you can just as easily buy them from your local supermarket. Pumpkin carving is a fun idea for Halloween – but it doesn’t have to be limited to then! Scoop out the flesh (keep this to make a pumpkin pie later) and carve your decorative art for an amazing display.

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